Why should you never use box colour dye in a professional hair salon?

Tues, 31 Mar.

You probably have had some clients that showed up at your salon with their own box hair dye and asked you to apply it to their hair. And some got really confused when you explained that you can’t do that. Some may think that you are trying to use your salon’s products to increase the sales, but little do they know that box hair dye is one of the most drying and damaging products in the hair industry. The certified colorists at your salon might have a difficult time when clients question their knowledge and training, but explaining the following will hopefully clear things up.

#1. Box color isn’t customized to each client’s needs

Your clients naturally believe that they are unique, and this certainly applies to their hair. Box hair dye is working on the “one size fits all” principle, and needless to say, this is far from being true. In fact, professional colourists take into account a variety of factors when mixing their hair dye’s components, some of those varying from client to client:

  • The client’s skin tone
  • The level of porosity of their hair
  • The underlying pigment as well as the natural pigment
  • The tone of the dye used previously on client’s hair – if any
  • The percentage of grey hairs – if any
Besides, you should let your clients know that keep your products updated, and whatever colour they want, you most likely have it available. This is due to the fact that your salon is already using advanced technologies for managing stocks, inventory and appointments.

#2. They most probably lack terminology knowledge

Does your client know what semi-permanent, demi-permanent, permanent color means? Do they know that regardless of the claims of the box, they demi permanent color may turn out to be a more permanent one? Chances are, they don’t. This is where you want to emphasize the fact that customization matters once again, even with those colors that are supposed to “wash out”. Your hair’s shade and color have to be taken into account, and so does the results that they want to obtain. In reality, however, no color washes out completely, but the difference between the three types of dye in professional hair salons is an enormous one. Depending on the results desired by the customer, you will have to pick and choose between the three types.

#3. Their hair will feel like straw after a box hair dye application

Most clients that use box hair dye seem to accept the straw-like texture because they think that this supposed to happen in the case of all hair dyes. Manufacturing companies put great efforts into advertising their products in the most appealing fashion, but clients should be aware that the straw-like texture comes from the developer included in the box, which in all cases is 12% or higher. In case the dye doesn’t show the anticipated results, it will at least show some results. Hair salons, however, use developer of a lower concentration, from 3% to 6% or 9%, depending on the current state of the hair, but also gets much closer to what the client wants.

Tactfully explaining these reasons to your clients will most likely help them accept your salon’s professional products and help them to understand that these recommendations go far beyond trying to make an extra buck from selling your salon’s products.

David Sanderson
MyCuts Founder

Gaining success in a competitive industry - hair salon business tips

Tues, 16 Feb.

The beauty industry is a highly competitive one, and you were probably aware of this fact when you opened your hair salon in the first place. Despite the numerous existing hair salons in your city, you can still manage becoming successful by following a few essential business tips.

Manage productivity effectively and focus your efforts on other departments

Because you are just at the beginning of your business journey, you might be currently caught up with numerous responsibilities. It can take you a while until you fully grasp how to juggle all tasks revolving around hair salon management. Because you probably want for productivity to be at its peak level, you might be putting in all your time and attention towards this aspect. Appointment booking and inventory tracking are two of the tasks that are consuming a large part of your time, so optimizing these two departments is desirable. Luckily, nowadays, you have the possibility to use a hair salon app, which simplifies things considerably for you. A software product of this kind will enable you to book appointments faster, much easier and in a far more organized manner. The app will also simplify inventory tracking and can come with other useful features as well. Once you have things sorted out with appointment booking, inventory and other things that revolve around productivity, you can focus your efforts on expansion, growth, customer reach and success increase.

Marketing is key!

Vloggers and bloggers have become major online influencers, so find out if you can collaborate with those who live in your area. Reach out to the most popular ones and discuss the possibility of a collaboration. This way, they could promote you among their circle of followers and you could expand your client base even more.

Affiliate reward programs

The way you decide to market your business can influence its success in one way or another. Marketing and advertising stand at the base of any successful business, regardless of domain, and hair salons require sufficient attention when choosing a proper marketing approach. Use social media to your advantage - platforms such as Facebook and Instagram being the perfect tools to increase visibility and business awareness. If you know how to maximize the potential of your social media accounts, post sharable content and attract users with your offers online, it's impossible not to increase your overall success and draw more people to your salon.

Once your business grows, become a local sponsor

Sponsoring a local event, such as a fashion show, is an investment, but if your hair salon is financially stable and you can afford it, this investment will pay off. Sponsoring an event by doing the hair and/or makeup of those involved is an effective way of promoting your work but, more importantly, it shows that you are capable of taking your business to a professional level. Moreover, it will help you expand your business circle and meet potential partners.

Client retention

Perhaps someone is attracted by the design of your salon and decides to book an appointment. Just because they choose your service once doesn't mean they will do it again, so besides trying to constantly chase new clients, make client retention a priority as well. Besides, of course, doing a great job, make sure you create a pleasant atmosphere, provide clients with offers for their next appointment, reward them for regular visits, value great communication and so on. If your current clients are satisfied with what you are offering, they will surely recommend your services to others.

As the owner of a newly-opened hair salon, you should focus on gaining a leaping advantage over your competitors, in order to access the level of profitability and business success you have dreamed even before opening. Although the quality of the services offered are ultimately the ones that will make clients keep booking appointments, there are a few other effective ways to boost success, so research and give them your attention also.

David Sanderson
MyCuts Founder