Easiest Hairstyles For When You’re in a Hurry

Tues, 28 Sep.

As we all know, mornings can be chaotic and combined with all of the tasks you have on your plate to get your day started, styling your hair can be a struggle. When you find yourself rushing to get ready for work after realizing you’ve slept through three alarms, you already know it’s going to be a rough morning. At MyCuts, we get that. We’ve all been there. Even with most of us working from home these days, it’s still important to be on time and yet you want to make sure you look professional and presentable for that latest Zoom meeting with your coworkers.

That being said, one of the last things on our minds when we’re running behind is our hairstyle. As women, we can’t simply just roll out of bed and take on the day. There’s makeup to be done, an outfit to be picked out and, of course, our hair needs to be done. At MyCuts, we know that waking up with little time to do your hair can turn your day into a disaster. That’s why, today, we’ll be sharing some of the easiest hairstyles for when you’re in a hurry. With these easy hairstyles, you can look professional and well put together even when you’re running behind!


Let’s start with what is one of the most attractive, beautiful hairstyles that is still very easy to put together: the braid. There are various different types of braids you can do that will look cute, keep your hair tame, and best of all, can be done very quickly. Whether you do a French braid, fishtail braid, or just a regular braid, this cute look is far from difficult. If you’re unsure of how to put together the perfect braid, check out this guide from StyleCraze that offers instructions for how to do a number of different braids.

The Messy Bun

The messy bun is an easy hairstyle that every lady loves! Not only is this hairstyle quick and simple but it can also be dressed up or down. That being said, sometimes it can be a bit challenging to do the perfect messy bun when you’re first starting out. For this reason, here are a few simple tips you can follow to achieve the perfect messy bun! With these tips, you can get the perfect messy bun in no time, saving yourself valuable time each morning.

  • Start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail. It should be noted that messy buns tend to work best with long hair
  • Next, twist your ponytail from roots to tips.
  • As you twist your hair, the hair will begin to kink. Continue wrapping your hair in that direction until all of your hair is in a bun.
  • Finally, secure this bun with a hair tie. You can also use bobby pins to style the messy bun a bit differently based on your unique preferences.
  • And bam! You’re all done. You now have the perfect messy bun look.

The Simple Ponytail

Finally, let’s talk about a tried and true classic: the simple ponytail. While some women believe that a simple ponytail can look like a lazy last-minute hairstyle, it’s actually super easy to turn the simple ponytail into a fun and flirty hairstyle! Simply use a teasing brush to tease the hair close to your roots, gather your hair into a high ponytail, and secure it with a hair tie. You can also pull out a few pieces of hair here and there to make it look a bit messier. On the other hand, you can make it look a bit neater by slicking your hair back by adding some product. There are various different ways to style a ponytail and this makes it a versatile (and easy) hairstyle that you can achieve in minutes!

The Hair Salon Made Easy With the MyCuts App!

Now that you know a few of the easiest hairstyles to use when you’re in a hurry, let’s talk about something else that can make life so much easier- especially if you’re a hair salon owner: the MyCuts app.

Best Fall Hair Colors for 2020

Tues, 31 Aug.

Before we know it, the fall season will be upon us. Soon we’ll be breaking out our favorite knit sweaters and putting our summer sandals away only to put on our favorite pair of fall boots. Along with those changes, however, comes the time for us to think about trading in those sun-kissed highlights for darker, moodier shades.

Today, MyCuts will be telling you all about the best fall hair colors of 2020 so you can stay in with the latest trends! To help you get a jumpstart on your new colorway, we’ve consulted with expert colorists to determine their best bets for what the trendiest hair colors will be for fall of 2020. Let’s get started!

The Cinnamon Ombre

In our article, Best Hair Trends and Hairstyles for Fall 2019 we outlined the cinnamon ombre and colorists believe that this popular hair color will yet again rule the fall season in 2020. Expert colorists recommend that medium brunettes add a few cinnamon ombre pieces this fall season to complete their look. It is important, however, that you not do too many because, rather than making your hair look brassy, the goal is to add just a few warm pops that brighten up your face. With some well-placed cinnamon ombre pieces, you can add dimension that makes your hair look fuller and shinier this fall season!

Mushroom Blonde

Another hair color that professional colorists think will be a huge part of the fall season in 2020 is mushroom blonde. In fact, many colorists believe that mushroom blonde and dirty brunette will be everywhere this season, adding the perfect accent to your fall wardrobe. While “blonde” hair color has always been about more golden tones, mushroom blonde tends to be a bit more neutral in hue with lighter ombre highlights woven in to create beautiful dimension, brightening up your face. Try out this trendy hair color this fall season!

Golden Black

Yet another hair color that expert colorists believe will be a huge trend in fall of 2020 is golden black. If your hair color is naturally dark, particularly almost black, colorists highly recommend you go with an almost gold undertone for your hair this fall. You should be careful, experts warn, not to go eggplant which is more of a purple shade. For this reason, it’s best to make sure that your hairstylist doesn’t add red to the hair which could result in a more purplish appearance.

Blood Orange-Red

Let’s be honest: red always has a moment in fall. As one of the colors most commonly associated with the fall season, expert colorists believe that blood orange-red will be a particularly popular hair color this fall season. Expert hair colorists recommend the use of more coppery colors in order to match the changing of the leaves. That being said, bright and rich deep orange hues are also a fun option that you can play with this fall season!

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Now that you know some of the most popular hair colors for fall of 2020, it’s time to make your next hair color appointment! With the turn of the season, however, comes the busiest times for salons. For this reason, booking an appointment can be a serious hassle. That’s where the MyCuts app comes in!

With the MyCuts app, your hair salon can easily book your appointment, track their inventory, and even organize their schedules! If you are a hair salon owner looking for a way to make scheduling as seamless as possible this busy fall season, look no further than the MyCuts app! View our demo today to learn more about how MyCuts can make scheduling, managing clients, and tracking inventory easier than you could have ever dreamed!