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Meet Our Happy Customers

I have tried a couple other apps, but MyCuts is the best in every way. It's easy to use. Keeps me organized, and on top of my business. I like how easy it is to use. Down to the smallest detail, I can personalize everything.
Shannon D.


So far so good I've been very happy with the app and the customer service. I love that it's fairly easy and simple look make it work professionally. It behaves well on android and on a laptop.
Nathan S.

Business Owner

The software is easy to use and I love the automated features of reminding and confirming my clients appointments without me having to prompt it. So good! This works so well for booth rental. It allows me to enter unlimited clients as I can save all their info in one place!!!
Amanda B.

Hairstylist/Salon Owner

I was so nervous to leave my paper apt book but it's the best thing I have ever done!!! It's easy to use the customer service is amazing!! I love how easy this software is to use my clients love the reminders!!! I have not found any aspect of this software that I dislike so far !!
Amanda M.


I am a Cosmo student who has been using this app for about 6 months now and I LOVE IT. paid features are targeted more towards salon managers (I.e. adding multiple stylists, tracking inventory) I think it's an awesome way to start understanding how to build and organize clientele while booking services.
Destiny A.


I like the ability to have the app on both my phone and tablet. I like that the software breaks down subtotal, tax, tip and grand totals. I also love the functionality of the software. It's easy to operate which is very important to me. The main reason why I bought this monthly software is because it confirms my appointments for me. That's worth so much more in my industry.
Lindsey N.


It's easy to set up, easy to use and my clients love the confirmation/reminder feature! Being able to add additional stylists and see everyone's schedule is such an added bonus!
Candice L.

Salon Owner

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