Appointment Scheduling

  • Effortlessly schedule your appointments with our unique, touch responsive hair salon app.
  • Search through your appointments by client name and filter by upcoming, current or completed.
  • Stop those money-draining no-shows and let MyCuts automatically send text and email appointment confirmations and reminders.
  • Easily create recurring appointments with our hair salon software.

Client Management

  • Search through your clients by client name and filter by scheduled, unscheduled or inactive.
  • Quickly create a new appointment if they don't have one scheduled.
  • Keep your clients engaged by creating email marketing campaigns.
  • Gather detailed information about the client including email, phone, occupation, mailing address and more.

Inventory Tracking

  • Search through your inventory by item name and filter by stocked, low, reorder or discontinued.
  • View your stock level, target stock level and reorder level.
  • Easily add or remove stock from your inventory items.
  • Enter detailed information about the inventory item, including category, model, supplier and more.
(No credit card required!)
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