How to Create a Website For Your Hair Salon

Tues, 22 Oct.

At MyCuts, we know that one of the best ways to market your hair salon is by creating a professional, attractive website for your potential customers. Not only will having a professional hair salon website attract new customers to your business, but it will also detail all of the services that you offer, introduce your team of stylists to the public, and give you an edge over competitors who have yet to take the important step of creating a website for their hair salon.

Put simply, if you don’t have a website for your hair salon, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities. Not only are you missing out on potential clients who may be searching for a new hair salon, but you are also missing out on talented prospects who are looking for the right place to work. Think about it: can you really afford to give those things up? The answer to your problems is a hair salon website that you can depend on.

How to Craft a Hair Salon Website That Attracts Customers

So how can you go about making your own hair salon website? After all, you may not have any technical knowledge and may be feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to start. Luckily, MyCuts has a few helpful steps that will act as your guide throughout the process. Following these important steps, you can set up a professional hair salon website that wows your customers in no time!

Decide Whether You Will Build the Website Yourself or Hire an Agency

The first step you need to take when building your hair salon website involves determining whether you will be building the website yourself or hiring an agency to create it for you. If you think you’re incapable of building a website but are reluctant to spend the money to hire an agency, we have good news: building a website is easier than ever with website building platforms.

There are a number of great website builders for salons available today that grant you the ability to create a professional looking website you can be proud of without any need for the technical skills. Going this route is by far the cheapest option. That being said, you need to take into account the time you’ll be spending creating your website yourself as well as the fact that hiring a pro may increase the amount of sales you see from your website in the long-run. Decide which route you want to take and go forth with confidence! If you decide to take on creating a hair salon website yourself, follow these next steps!

Gain Inspiration From Other Salon Websites

If you’ve decided to create your hair salon from scratch on your own, it can be very helpful to gain inspiration from other salon websites. This is because by following the example set by successful salons, you can recreate their efforts and do it even better, setting your hair salon apart from the rest! Taking a look at the websites of other successful hair salons will give you ideas in terms of the design and functionality of your website and, armed with that knowledge, you can make informed decisions in the following steps.

Decide on a Good Domain Name

Next, you’ll want to decide on a domain name for your hair salon website. If you run a serious salon business, you need to make sure that you choose a domain name that is a “.com” address for your website as well as staff email addresses. This doesn’t cost much and gives your hair salon website a more professional feel. It’s also a good idea to choose a domain name that consists of your salon name only. If this is unavailable, however, you can add slightly more details to it. Just make sure that your salon’s name is in the domain name so that customers can find you online easily!

Design Your Hair Salon Website

Now, on to the fun part! After all, if you’re a salon owner, you operate in the fashion and beauty industry. This likely means that design is an important part of what you do on an everyday basis. Stretch your creative muscle when it comes to designing the perfect hair salon website! Your customers need to look at your hair salon website and see that you have an eye for design before they give you permission to cut, color, and style their hair. Create a great and lasting first impression by designing an attractive hair salon website that takes their breath away! Always prioritize function over flashy, test your website’s design on mobile devices to make sure it is functional, make it obvious that you are a hair salon, and make your website as fast as possible. Following these key principles when designing your own website, you can’t go wrong!

Add All of the Important Information About Your Salon

Once you have created a great design for your hair salon website, it’s time to add the important information to your website. This includes a homepage with an easily found “Book Now” button, your salon’s location, your salon’s phone number, your hours, and other critical bits of information about your salon including your services, credentials, and your salon’s overall story. Make all of these pieces of information easy to find to offer your new customers the most convenience possible!

Feature Images That Represent Your Hair Salon Well

A website without eye-catching pictures isn’t a very good website and that goes double for hair salon websites! An image is worth a thousand words and you can say a lot about the quality of your hair salon by adding images that represent your hair salon well. We recommend having a section on your website with pictures of your work, the inside of your salon, and pictures of your staff so that new customers can get to know them by face. By adding pictures, your new customers will feel as though they know what to expect from your salon- making them much more likely to call to book an appointment.

Promote Your Hair Salon Online

Finally, once your hair salon website is live and ready to go, it’s time to start promoting it online. A few of the best ways to get your new hair salon website before the eyes of your customers is to run Facebook Ads promoting it, setting up social media profiles, and learning a little bit about boosting the SEO of your hair salon’s website. By taking these steps, you can direct traffic to your website and gain more customers in no time!

Make Booking Appointments Easy With the MyCuts App!

Now that you know the important steps you need to take to create a professional hair salon website and gain more customers, you’re bound to have more business than you ever thought possible. With so many customers interested in booking appointments, you need an easy, stress-free way to book those appointments. That’s where the MyCuts App comes in!

The MyCuts app makes it easier than ever to schedule your hair salon clients, organize your schedule, and even track your inventory. When the new customers start calling to book appointments at your hair salon, you’re likely to be really busy and there’s no better way of managing the chaos than with our handy app. View our demo today to learn more about how MyCuts can make scheduling, managing clients, and tracking inventory easier than you could have ever dreamed!

4 Ways to Increase Your Hair Salon’s Online Presence

Tues, 27 Jul.

We live in a digitally-driven world and, in this day in age, it is rare for a consumer to make a decision before first visiting a business’s website. Your hair salon is no exception! Whether we like it or not, the Internet has forever transformed the way that we find businesses and greatly influence our decision regarding booking their services. For this reason, it is crucial that your hair salon has an online presence. Today, MyCuts will be telling you 4 ways that you can increase your hair salon’s online presence, winning more clients and earning your reputation as the best salon around!

Create and Claim a Google My Business Page

When it comes to generating an online presence for your hair salon, there are few better ways to get your business in front of the eyes of customers than Google My Business. Google My Business is a free business profile that gives you the power to easily connect with potential customers across both Google Maps and Google search. Whenever you search a place of business on Google, a display pops up on the right side of the screen (if that business has been claimed by its owner). In this space, the owner of that business can share their business hours, reviews, photos, directions, and, most importantly, their website.

If you have yet to create a Google My Business listing for your hair salon, now is the time to create and claim your page! If you find that Google My Business has marked your hair salon as closed due to COVID-19, you can complete a few easy steps in order to mark it as open:

  • Sign in to Google My Business on your computer
  • Click “Info” on the menu to the left
  • To the right, point to the section “Close this business on Google.” (To expand this section you might need to click the arrow.)
  • Click “Mark as Open”

Harness the Power of Links

Can you remember the last time you completed a social media search of your business? When working to increase your hair salon’s online presence, it is highly recommended that you put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes when completing a social media search for your business. Further, it is highly recommended that you complete this task pretending as though you are a potential client that has never used social media before. Can your ideal customer easily find your booking link? Does the link work, redirecting them to the correct page of your hair salon’s website?

In our experience, it never hurts to do a check of your links every few weeks. Let’s put it this way: if a customer is having a difficult time booking with you online, this greatly reduces the chance that they will follow through and book an appointment with your salon! It is important to remember that a customer’s experience with your salon doesn’t necessarily start the moment they sit down in the salon chair. Rather, it begins the moment that they find you online! Make sure that you harness the power of links and ensure that they are always working and easily accessed by potential customers in order to boost your online presence!

Don’t Forget About Yelp

Although many hair salon owners tend to forget about the power of Yelp, you would do well to remember the power that this platform has when it comes to your salon’s presence online. Yelp offers a space where you can not only showcase your hair salon, brand, and menu of services but it also grants you the power to show off your fantastic customer reviews!

Yelp is not only the place where your previous clients can sing your praises, but it is also one of the best places to advertise your hair salon in the online space. Additionally, when you hold a solid reputation on Yelp, you are much more likely to rank higher in Google search results! Yelp is one of the best places for your hair salon to get noticed online so make sure you do the work to represent your hair salon there.

Put Your Booking Link Everywhere

Finally, now that you have all of your bases covered, it’s time to ensure that you put your booking link everywhere! There are a variety of different ways that a customer can search when trying to book an appointment with a hair salon. For this reason, it is crucial that your booking link is provided and easy to find across all possible platforms. The easier it is to find your booking link on any number of social media platforms, the more likely you are to earn those customers!

Make Booking Simple With the MyCuts App

Now that you know some of the best ways to increase your hair salon’s online presence, it’s time to simplify the booking process! At MyCuts, we firmly believe that a customer’s ability to book with you should be simple. That’s why we created the MyCuts app, where booking clients, scheduling appointments, and controlling inventory is easier than ever! Want to learn more about what the MyCuts app can do for your hair salon? Feel free to check out our demo where we give you the rundown of all of the app’s amazing features!