Summer Hair Care Tips

Tues, 30 Jun.

As we are all aware, wintertime means that it is time to follow certain hair care tips in order to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. After all, winter leaves hair feeling brittle and dry and this is why it is crucial that you follow winter hair care tips when the weather starts to get colder. Did you know, however, that there are important summer hair care tips you should be following as well? That’s right!

At MyCuts, we know quite a bit about how to keep your hair looking flawless and healthy regardless of the season. If you want to keep your hair looking beautiful and feeling healthy throughout the summer season this year, we have a few summer hair care tips you need to know. Let’s get started!

Minimize Chlorine Damage

Let’s be honest: chlorine is no friend to your hair. One impact that chlorine can have on your hair, for example, is the fact green hair can be caused by exposure to chlorine. While all of us want to be able to spend time in the pool this summer, it is crucial that you take the necessary steps to protect your hair beforehand. It is important to note that dry hair is especially absorbent and this means that dry hair absorbs chlorine easily. In order to avoid this, you should rinse your hair with tap water before jumping into the pool. Upon getting out of the pool, it is important that you rinse your hair with water and apple cider vinegar in order to minimize the damage caused by chlorine.

Wear Hats

If you’re looking to protect your hair from UV rays, wearing hair scarves or hats is a fantastic way to protect yourself. That being said, covering your hair with an accessory is also a great way to protect your hair from UV rays. So why should you be protecting your hair from UV rays this summer? Well, the sun can damage your hair and even cause fading over time! Think of a hat or hair scarf as sunscreen for your hair. As an added barrier of protection, you can also add a deep conditioner with SPF to your daily hair routine.

Wash Your Hair Less

Believe it or not, washing your hair too often can actually strip your hair of vital natural oils and this causes your hair to produce even more oils. Although you may find yourself wanting to wash your hair more often in the summer because your hair feels oilier, you should definitely avoid doing so. The key to keeping your hair nourished and healthy this summer, you should try to wash your hair as little as possible- and that goes for all seasons!

Style Your Hair With Comfortable, Loose Looks

Finally, when styling your hair this summer, you should try to choose styles that are comfortable and loose. When you elect to style your hair with tight hairstyles, it can actually be damaging to your hair- especially if your hair is dry from the summer heat. A loose braid, for example, is one of the best ways to minimize sun exposure while keeping your hair controlled. Other options at your disposal include loose buns and other styles which you can attain without the need for heat tools which can cause your hair to become even drier. This is the best course of action when it comes to styling, especially in the summer.

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5 Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions

Tues, 28 Mar.

When it comes to hair extensions, it can sometimes be difficult to decide whether or not it’s all worth it. At MyCuts, we understand that making the decision to wear hair extensions can be hard. Luckily, we are here with 5 reasons you should definitely consider wearing hair extensions if you’re looking to switch up your look. With that, let’s get started!

Experiment With Color

If you have ever found yourself wanting to experiment with the color of your hair but have been reluctant to take the plunge thanks to worries about how it’ll turn out, hair extensions are the perfect solution. Worrying about how a new hair color will look is a common worry that everyone considering switching up their color experiences at one time or another. Hair extensions, however, make experimenting with hair color easier than ever!

From trying out the ever-popular ombre to adding lowlights or highlights without the need for a long-term commitment, hair extensions grant you the power to get creative with your style. Just pick up some hair extensions in the color that you’re interested in trying out and see how it looks! Best of all, if you aren’t in love with the results, you can simply take them out and try something else.

Add Some Extra Length

It’s no secret that one of the biggest benefits of hair extensions is found in their ability to instantly add some extra length to your hair. Many of us struggle to grow our hair out to a certain point no matter how patient we are. If you find yourself in this category, hair extensions can help! Instead of waiting patiently for your hair to grow to your desired length, you can simply attach hair extensions and get the look you have been craving in a matter of a few minutes!

Hair extensions are also the perfect solution for those who have suffered from a haircut gone wrong. It happens to the best of us and if you have recently gotten a haircut that took just a little too much length off, hair extensions can reverse the damage. A haircut gone-bad can be fixed up with hair extensions and they won’t hinder the growth of your hair whatsoever, meaning that you can rock a beautiful look all while waiting for your hair to grow back out.

Boost Volume

There are few things that can be a bigger hit to your self-confidence than hair loss or thinning hair. If you have found yourself struggling with either of these issues, hair extensions are here to save the day. Hair extensions can boost the volume of your hair, giving you the appearance of luscious, more full-bodied hair.

Endless Style Options

For those who enjoy switching up their hairstyle frequently, there are few better ways to try out new styles than with hair extensions. Sometimes we get a little bored with our current hairstyle and want to try out a new look without making a long-term commitment. Hair extensions are easily styled whether it be with a long ponytail, intricate braid, or a stylish bun. You can even use hair extensions as accessories to spice up your look for special occasions or events!

No Risk of Hair Damage

Finally, one of the biggest reasons to wear hair extensions is that there is no risk of hair damage. While other alternatives such as bonding or tape-ins run the risk of causing damage to your mane, hair extensions grant you the same benefits without any risk of damage. Those looking to avoid hair damage would do well to give hair extensions a try!

Ready for Hair Extensions? Book an Appointment With Your Hairstylist!

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