Word Matters - Getting Amazing Feedback from your Client

Tues, 13 Jan.

The best part about running a business is that if your services are on mark, then your clients themselves bring the customers! This normally happens through word of mouth once a satisfied customer leaves your salon. Chances are that the individual will suggest your hair salon to her friends and relatives. This is where it is important to always make sure that your client mentions you in good words. But that’s not the entire story, getting amazing feedback from your clients can be a tough ask. As one can never really judge if a specific client leaves your salon a hundred percent satisfied. However, this blog will help you get amazing feedback from your clients and in return will bring in business!

Schedule Interviews

Let’s admit it, everyone loves getting interviewed! Pick out a few clients that you believe are satisfied returning customers and ask them for an interview. Basically, what you’ll be doing is the fact that you’ll be using their interview which will describe their experience. These interviews can be in the form of blogs or if your client agrees, you can even make a video interview. The bottom line is, once you have a positive experience of a buyer in the form of a video, you can use it for marketing purposes.

Asking the Right Questions

It is important that the questions you ask in the interview are the right ones. Also, make sure that the interview is an honest reflection of your salon and the services you provide. Remember, the audience who is reading or watching the interview is not actually interested in the interview. They are rather interested in the services that you as a salon are providing. If the interviewee is able to convince the audience, then chances are you’ll be making new clients!

Online Reviews

This one is actually one of the most important factors that can affect your business in a positive way. Most people when looking for a salon to visit might check reviews on either Google reviews or your Facebook page. Hence, it is always advised that you have your online reviews in line with what you want to appear in front of your potential audience. Make sure that once a client leaves your salon, you can politely ask the person to write a review. This way you’ll be engaging with your audience as well as you’ll be getting a review, which can quite possibly be a 5 star!

These are some of the ways through which you can use your clients to bring in business! Yes, this will take time but it will totally be worth it!

Salon Inventory Management: 7 things to avoid making a critical error

Tues, 24 Dec.

If you are working in a salon or running it yourself, then you need to know a few important points about salon inventory management. ‘Why salon business management is critical for a salon?’, is an essential question that we need ask ourselves. Salon inventory management is a process of managing essential and correct inventory levels of stocks of your salon. These stocks are usually the products that are used in any salon business and closely correlates with customer experience of a salon.

Imagine if one of your hairdressers was applying hair color to one of your customers and that very same hair color runs out. You also find that your salon doesn’t have a backup. It would be an experience that no customer should go through. This is why salon inventory management is important, which can help with replenishment of the stock at your salon correctly. There are seven points that you should know about salon inventory management.

1. The Benefits

Salon inventory management pertains to huge advantages for your beauty salon business. When done right, your business's cash flow is vastly improved. It simultaneously helps improves profits and customer experience. The customer becomes a returning customer if he or she is happy with the experience. It streamlines the ordering process and reduces shrinkage of stock. Also in the end, it saves your and your client’s precious time.

2. A salon business is not a guessing game

The process accrues consistent checking of salon inventory lists and the correct timing of orders. This type of process is also called Just in time Inventory, which is a popular way of stocking inventory in many multinational businesses.

3. Set stock goals before initiating salon inventory management

It is essential that you have to set some major stock goals in order to simplify what you want to do for example stock loss/shrinkage targets or maybe the lowest level of cost accrued.

4. Know what to include in the inventory management of salons

One should know that every bit of a stock that is directly related to the customer experience should be included in the stock inventory management.

5. Knowledgeable about the inventory data to record

The kind of data that should be recorded depends on the size of the business. One should always record correct information about the distributor and the product itself. The information can be a reference number, product name, brand name, distributor name, current stock levels, and the different prices.

6. Know the estimated inventory usage in the salon

The owner should require their employees to report the actual usage of inventory in the salon on a day to day basis. This is important to quickly adapt to the ever-changing landscape of salon management.

7. Know about different methods to track salon inventory

There are many ways one can keep track of salon inventory. These methods include but are not limited to, inventory spreadsheets, inventory software like MyCuts, and the paper inventory list (not recommended because it is not automated).