Why Avocado is the best resource for hair rejuvenation?

Tues, 28 Jun.

Avocados are already known for helping with muscle tissue rejuvenation, helping the skin, and treating different symptoms of certain ailments. An additional benefit of having an Avocado every day is that it can help with preventing or treating hair loss. Additionally, it can also help with dry scalp and dry hair, which are symptoms of bad hair health. We talk about how precisely Avocado is able to help with our hair follicles and different things related to it are also touched upon. We finally reflect upon the title itself and whether its statement is true or not.

How hair loss takes place?

Hair loss tends to come when there is a vitamin deficiency inside the hair follicles or outside environmental pressure cause them to lose their health. When we talk about external pressures, we are talking about extreme stress arising from sun, heat, and cold. It is also a fact that many styling products like gel, or styling machines like blow dryers help your hair gradually lose its health. These external pressures can also include the chemical downpour brought on by an assortment of shampoos and soaps that one may be using. Now with keeping this in mind, you are having an existential crisis of decisions made in the past. Instead of doing that, use Avocados to help you overcome the crisis. In the next section, we precisely see how an Avocado is able to do just that.

How an Avocado prevents or treats hair loss?

Avocados are enriched with abundant natural nutrients. This is true because it is considered a superfood by many in the science community. Take this one study as an example: A study published in a Journal called Nutrients which was published in the year 2017 says consumption of one Avocado per day is more than enough to raise lutein levels in the eye and the brain. High lutein levels in the brain and the eye are synonymous with better cognitive function and a lower rate of hair loss, which is also evident in the said study. Lutein is a carotenoid vitamin whose accumulation in areas near an eye, brain, and in the blood provides the body with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant help. Lutein is associated with Vitamin A. This is just one of many examples of benefits that this superfood can reap to the user.

Additional benefits include lots of vitamins (which can overcome vitamin deficiency) which strengthens the hair. And minerals like potassium that may provide better health to the hair also available in abundant amounts inside this superfood. There is a reason many are opting for using Avocado daily instead of creams or oils.

Final words

Avocados should be part of the diet no matter what, but it is important that one uses it, especially if there are any symptoms of hair loss persisting presently or in the near future.

Does a vegan diet cause hair loss?

Tues, 22 May.

There has been a lot of noise regarding vegan diet and how it is beneficial for the environment. Of course, a decade ago people were totally opposed to the idea of having a strict vegan diet or not consuming animal diet, but things have started to change recently. Such is the popularity of veganism nowadays that now famous people help in popularizing the very idea. Interestingly, there is also some concern regarding veganism and how it can damage your hair because it contributes in hair loss. Hair loss, for especially the conscious one is a huge problem and why wouldn’t it be? After all, it can totally ruin our look. Here are some of the things you need to know about this discussion.

Does a vegan diet really accelerate hair loss?

Let’s get straight to the pressing question, does vegan diet really accelerate hair loss. Well, this might be very true according to some scientists but of course that’s not the entire story. The claim originally started from the fact that a vegan diet doesn’t have sufficient amounts of iron which is essential for our hair. Iron, which is a vitamin is found in all kinds of meats and is exceptionally well for a person’s health. Hence, low levels of iron in a body can be problematic and can certainly accelerate hair loss.

Obviously, a vegan diet when it doesn’t include any vegetables that contain iron in high quantities can contribute in hair loss. It's just how things work and for you to find a solution regarding this problem is to substitute the iron factor found in meat and somehow try to find it in vegetables.

How to Find a Substitute in a complete Vegan Diet?

First thing first, going vegan does have a lot of benefits. However, if you’re worried about hair loss and if it seems to bother you, then you need to focus towards a holistic vegan diet. In other words, try consuming fruits, nuts and vegetables that have a higher iron ration. Dried fruit for example has a higher iron ration than ripe fruits. On the other hand two great items for iron consumption can be beans and spinach. These are the vegetables and fruits that must be added in your diet if you’re worried about losing hair. Of course, if you’re genetically prone to hair loss than unfortunately there’s no way around to stop it.