How To Take the Back and Forth Out of Scheduling

Tues, 10 Jul.

An alarming number of missed appointments and double bookings is a problem all salons encounter. The earnings of a salon are limited by the number of filled chairs, so the importance of a reliable appointment booking system is undeniable. The fact that clients often forget about their appointments and do not show up is already a major problem, but the scheduling mistakes hairstylists make when trying to manage their clients can ruin the salon altogether. Although appointment booking is not rocket science, things are not as simple as writing a name in a calendar either. The client scheduling needs and the availability of the beauty professional often clash, so a system that can handle these complexities can greatly improve the salon operations and the client experience.

How to avoid common scheduling mistakes

After missing an appointment, clients often call to arrange another date, this time on short notice. Having to reschedule everything and make sure that the new appointment will not get delayed puts a strain on the hairstylist. Refusing a loyal customer point blank is out of the question, so squeezing the appointment somewhere in the already busy schedule is the only solution. The problem is that your client also needs to have a free schedule when you do. This to and fro is normal, yet damaging when trying to match schedules especially on short notice. You can avoid scheduling mistakes by using a salon app. The idea of double booking can be completely dismissed when using this type of system, while rearranging appointments is no longer necessary, because automatic appointment reminders are send to your customers. If they are reminded that they need to make a visit to the salon a day prior, there is no reason for them to miss the appointment anymore. The app will not eliminate all your client management problems, but it will definitely make your job easier.

The importance of being on time

Salon etiquette requires a strict compliance with the established appointment time. The unnecessary waste of customers and hairstylists’ time caused by missed appointments and double bookings can ruin the relationship between client and business permanently. It is in the best interest of the salon to find a solution to this problem and try to avoid scheduling errors as much as possible. Numerous factors can make appointment scheduling rather challenging and these impeding problems can be quickly solved with an integrated scheduling system. People go to a salon to get pampered and expect to be the center of attention while they are sitting on that chair. If a stylist is overbooked and running late, their image as professionals will get ruined. It is essential to be respectful of the time of your clients to ensure that they will come back. An amiable atmosphere is essential inside a salon and being late is something that can cause strife. Salon apps lie at the intersection of providing efficiency and timely access to services, because these systems ensure not only that clients are constantly reminded of their appointments, but also that stylists will manage their schedule better.

Customer Service - The Best Advertising Method

Tues, 23 May.

It seems that the big secret about a successful business has been discovered: excellent customer service. When you offer flawless products and professional services, the clients will be satisfied and the price will no longer be an issue, so it’s a win-win situation. Experts have explained that if customers receive the due attention and feel valued, they will definitely come back to you and even promote your business to their acquaintances. As far as hair salons are concerned, the first impression is extremely important and you should do your best in order to show your clients how much you actually appreciate them. Here are some ideas that are easy to implement, which will guarantee customer service excellence and thus free advertising.

Pay attention to the smallest details

If you do not, your clients will definitely do it, and this is actually normal. If you want to check the professionalism of a salon, you will analyze everything and notice even the things that might seem insignificant. For instance, most people pay attention to the bathrooms or tools, in order to find out about the hygiene of the salon, which is pretty common. Make sure you have everything organized impeccably, not only on the surface. Think about all the aspects that will make your customers feel comfortable and appreciated: design a special waiting room, make sure this is used only if they arrive early – not because you are late, and offer them material to read or a beverage as they wait.

Make them feel like a star

You should strive to offer your customers more than the standard services. Since you own a beauty salon, you should know that your clients come here to feel pampered and spoiled, so you should do your best to ensure they have a pleasant experience. The first step towards this is knowing your target. Fortunately, nowadays there are specialized pieces of software that can help you have an organized database with all the relevant information you need to know about your clients. This way, you will get to know their preferences and tastes, and instead of waiting for them to tell you what they want, you can simply suggest the most suitable alternative or offer them a personalized package. They will appreciate your professional advice and the efforts you are making to understand their needs, and will definitely choose you the next time they need similar services.

Let them know their opinion matters

Knowing that they have the final say is extremely important for your clients. Listen to their requests, strive to offer them exactly what they need, and make sure that in the end, you ask them if they are pleased with the result. This may seem a cliché, but most customers feel relevant if they are asked their opinion. Try to do this as informal as possible, because some official feedback forms may be intimidating and most people will not be honest if they have to write down their suggestions. Ask as friendly and polite as possible, and encourage them to be sincere by telling them that it is a manner through which you want to improve your whole business.