Smart Ways To Keep Track of Inventory

Tues, 13 Jan.

Any business manager recognizes the importance of monitoring the inventory because without it, they cannot purchase necessary supplies in order to meet customer demand and at the same time limit wastage. Salons in particular need to have accurate records of their products because they are the core of the business. Just imagine having to change the client’s hair color without dye. The only way to be able to keep accurate records is to use a solid inventory tracking system such as MyCuts. This way you can address problems such as wastage in order to keep the stocks full at all times and to maintain customer satisfaction.

Why do you really need inventory?

Inventory refers to the goods and materials that a business possesses. Managers as well as employees are required to register in the inventory logs each time they check in or check out items. One of the reasons why any business keeps track of inventory is to identify products that are on the point of expiration and for more practical purposes such as knowing how much is used of each product for a particular service. Broadly speaking, being able to manage waste means that you will be able to save money. The only difficulty with salons is that it is difficult to have a clear image of what is being used for all treatments, especially if you rely on traditional register books.

Common mistakes

The first mistake that anyone makes is not keeping an accurate record of the products. For instance, miscounts are likely to occur during receiving and order fulfillment. This is why you need cycle counting, in other words perpetual inventory that is realized either once a week or on a daily basis. Cycle counting can actually identify discrepancies in the inventory records, as well as allowing you to figure out the cause. In addition, many people do not focus on their priorities. This means that your efforts should be directed towards reviewing and reordering items that are of the greatest importance. While it was believed the Excel sheets are very efficient, and they typically are, there is one drawback: they can be accidentally erased. You should look instead for software that makes available inventory features and databases.

The inventory process

Spas and salons usually have a store room within the facility that allows them to store different products. Although register books can be efficient, software like MyCuts is more reliable because you can automatically calculate expected product levels thanks to the check in and check out system. Owing to the fact that you can install them on the phone, you are able to see at all times what is on stock. A key element of phone apps is that you can order products even before they run out of stock and you will not lose revenue. This also allows you to perform periodic inventories without having to stress yourself. Finally, with good business management programs, inventory will not seem like such a daunting task.

Why Every Hair Salon Needs a Scheduling App

Tues, 29 Nov.

Salon apps offer a distinctive advantage over the competition. The importance of using a mobile scheduling app is undeniable, as it can help you boost productivity, increase retention and the number of referrals, as well as help you manage your inventory and appointments better. For a small business, a salon app can really make a difference. It represents an easy and innovative way of connecting with customers, as well as a method of opening new marketing channels and boosting the business cost-effectively. Hair salons and barbershops require careful appointment managing and inventory tracking, because they depend on retention and referrals and scheduling errors are very bad for the business. Few people go to the hair salon on the spur of the moment, because hair stylists generally have their schedule packed and they naturally prioritize appointments. This means that this type of business depends on the ability of the stylists to manage their clients and appointments. Salon apps make this task a lot easier, giving hair stylists more time to focus on their clients

Automatic appointment reminders

One of the most important reasons why you should use a salon app is the fact that it can help you decrease the number of missed appointments and scheduling errors. After working in this business for some time, you will notice that people often forget about their hair salon appointments. With automatic reminders and appointment confirmations, you will no longer need to worry about this problem. After receiving a reminder, your clients will most likely show up next day even if the appointment was made a month prior to that. This feature will also increase client satisfaction, because trying to book another free spot to a salon on such short notice is very difficult, so forgetting about the initial appointment is terrible for clients too. The automatic reminder is an excellent feature that will help both sides.

Innovative client management options

Hair salons should try to focus more on their clients to ensure the success of their business, because people tend to stick to the same salon their whole life, if they are happy with their service and are given the opportunity. Salon apps that offer intuitive client management options, will ensure that your employees will be able to connect with clients faster and easier. Apps can organize clients and gather detailed information about each one of them instantly. This goes beyond learning the name of your clients after a couple of visits and impressing them with your good memory, because you can add preferences, interests, occupation, formulas and specific do and don’ts as well. This feature gives you the ability to offer excellent services and entertain your client better. Once their occupation and interests are figured out, you can easily find a topic of discussion and make them feel like time is flying by. Having a good time at the salon or barbershop is definitely part of the reason why people return.