MyCuts: Why Choose It?

Tues, 10 Feb.

If you happen to be someone who owns a salon or owns a booth and is looking forward to making management easier for yourself, then you have landed on the right page. The following mentioned information is going to help a great deal in this regard. It won’t be wrong to state that choosing MyCuts, that has recently been introduced on the iPhone and iPad platform, is going to be a smart choice. But you don’t have to take anything for granted. Let’s expound on a few of the prominent benefits associated with the utilization of the mobile application that has been mentioned above.

Convenience and Usability

To begin with, the aforementioned application enables you to schedule your appointments in a convenient fashion. With the built in filters which display the current, upcoming, or completed appointments separately, along with email appointment confirmations and reminders, appointment scheduling and rescheduling has never been this easy.

Unparalleled Client Management

With client management features that both our mobile app and web app offer, you can gather all the information about your clients including their name, phone numbers, address, occupations etc. which can be put to use for the purpose of launching a marketing campaign. Our application enables you to go through your client list by name and have a separate list for those who have a scheduled appointment and those who don’t. Scheduling an appointment quickly with a few touches adds up to the convenience that we have to offer.

Unique Inventory Tracking

Last but not the least, MyCuts enables you to track your inventory in a convenient fashion as well. You can have a look at different sections which accentuate the items that are in stock, the ones which are low in number, the ones which are to be reordered and lastly the ones which have been discontinued. You can filter through the items by name and have a detailed description of your stock level along with the target stock level and reorder level. Not only can you add a detailed description about your items such as its category, supplier, model, etc. but you can also add or remove stock in a convenient fashion.

Quality and Affordability

It is indispensable to mention here that one of the major benefits of choosing our mobile app over the competition is that we are offering a perfect blend of quality and affordability into one great combination. We encourage you to try our application for absolutely no charge in order to make sure that MyCuts is indeed is an application of high value and usability for you. What else could you possibly ask for? Try MyCuts now and see the difference for yourself. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed of what the application has to offer.

Smart Ways To Keep Track of Inventory

Tues, 13 Jan.

Any business manager recognizes the importance of monitoring the inventory because without it, they cannot purchase necessary supplies in order to meet customer demand and at the same time limit wastage. Salons in particular need to have accurate records of their products because they are the core of the business. Just imagine having to change the client’s hair color without dye. The only way to be able to keep accurate records is to use a solid inventory tracking system such as MyCuts. This way you can address problems such as wastage in order to keep the stocks full at all times and to maintain customer satisfaction.

Why do you really need inventory?

Inventory refers to the goods and materials that a business possesses. Managers as well as employees are required to register in the inventory logs each time they check in or check out items. One of the reasons why any business keeps track of inventory is to identify products that are on the point of expiration and for more practical purposes such as knowing how much is used of each product for a particular service. Broadly speaking, being able to manage waste means that you will be able to save money. The only difficulty with salons is that it is difficult to have a clear image of what is being used for all treatments, especially if you rely on traditional register books.

Common mistakes

The first mistake that anyone makes is not keeping an accurate record of the products. For instance, miscounts are likely to occur during receiving and order fulfillment. This is why you need cycle counting, in other words perpetual inventory that is realized either once a week or on a daily basis. Cycle counting can actually identify discrepancies in the inventory records, as well as allowing you to figure out the cause. In addition, many people do not focus on their priorities. This means that your efforts should be directed towards reviewing and reordering items that are of the greatest importance. While it was believed the Excel sheets are very efficient, and they typically are, there is one drawback: they can be accidentally erased. You should look instead for software that makes available inventory features and databases.

The inventory process

Spas and salons usually have a store room within the facility that allows them to store different products. Although register books can be efficient, software like MyCuts is more reliable because you can automatically calculate expected product levels thanks to the check in and check out system. Owing to the fact that you can install them on the phone, you are able to see at all times what is on stock. A key element of phone apps is that you can order products even before they run out of stock and you will not lose revenue. This also allows you to perform periodic inventories without having to stress yourself. Finally, with good business management programs, inventory will not seem like such a daunting task.