Mistakes That Hair Salon Owners Should Avoid

Tues, 04 Sep.

What ingredients are needed for a successful hair salon? Most owners believe that a good location plus experienced hairdressers are the recipe for a prolific presence on the market, but this belief is one of the reasons why so many businesses flop. Well-trained staff is of course the major requirement in this line of work, but the key to success is not that simple and does not include just one element. There are hundreds of little details that you, as an owner, need to look at. Unfortunately, even the most diligent entrepreneur can make mistakes, so here is a list of things you should not do if you want to grow your business.

Using the wrong products

Today’s customers are smarter and more informed than ever, which also makes them more demanding and difficult to please. Therefore, do not associate your salon with mediocre brands. When seeing a hairdresser, clients expect more than the average service. If you use drugstore brands, clients can be dissatisfied and switch to a competitor who uses higher end products. Also, using “salon-quality” products might not suffice if they are not exclusive to your salon. Nowadays, almost everything can be bought at half price online, so clients will consider leaving you if they find your styling products elsewhere. To maintain customer retention, consider switching to a brand that only you carry.

Not engaging with clients

Hair salons are one of those businesses where the relationship between a client and a service provider can sometimes be more important than the quality of the services provided. People go to salons to look good, but also to socialize and to feel special. Between an efficient hairdresser who does not try to be pleasant and an average one who is attentive and polite, a customer is more likely to choose the latter. Therefore, as the salon owner, you should choose your staff carefully, focusing not only on their technical skills, but also on their demeanor and personality. It goes without saying that each dresser should have the right qualification, but they should also be taught to listen to clients, engage in conversation and value their opinion.

Saying no to technology

Technology interacts with almost every field of activity, so you should not neglect its importance. The core of a hair salon is manual work, but that doesn’t mean client relationships cannot continue in the online world. For example, you can use the power of social media to promote your services, organize contests and ask for feedback. Also, you can make your work more efficient by using various apps created for salon activity, such as online booking apps and inventory management apps.

Neglecting customer service

Neglecting customer service is the first step towards business failure, so you should never forget that each and every person walking in your salon must be treated with care and respect. Interestingly, many salons get to this stage when they have become stars in their neighborhood, have a lot of daily appointments and treat clients with high respect. When the number of appointments increases, you have to be ready. Hire more staff, expand the venue or allocate more space to the waiting area. When hairdressers have too many clients, they risk being sloppy and causing great financial losses to your salon.

David Sanderson
MyCuts CEO

How to Upgrade Your Salon with the Right Moves

Tues, 27 Jul.

At present, it would be hard to imagine life without the presence of hair salons. Whether people need to prepare for a wedding or simply to change their hairstyle, the truth is that they are simply there take care of their hair. While the client gets pleasure from the salon experience, not the same can be said about salon managers. It is their duty to make sure that they enjoy a perfect beauty session and the fact is that in order to satisfy clients’ needs and to keep the business running there are a lot of decisions that they are required to take and to tend to the smallest details. The way in which the manager handles certain issues can seem like a miracle and there are a few tips to successfully administering the business and keep clients coming back.

Setting up appointments

The fact that salons are open all days of the week is no surprise to anyone. This is the reason for which keeping track of clients and appointments can be overwhelming at times. The truth is that you are left very little time for yourself and in that period you have to function at full capacity. Organization is important due to the fact that with this myriad of customers it is very easy to forget about appointments or to be unprepared and as a result to not be able to fully concentrate on the tasks that you are required to tend to. No one desires to step into a chaotic salon and this is the reason for which the employees together with the manager must display attention for detail and also delegate responsibilities.

Knowing what is in stock

You should strive to offer your customers more than the standard services. Since you own a beauty salon, you should know that your clients come here to feel pampered and spoiled, so you should do your best to ensure they have a pleasant experience. The first step towards this is knowing your target. Fortunately, nowadays there are specialized pieces of software that can help you have an organized database with all the relevant information you need to know about your clients. This way, you will get to know their preferences and tastes, and instead of waiting for them to tell you what they want, you can simply suggest the most suitable alternative or offer them a personalized package. They will appreciate your professional advice and the efforts you are making to understand their needs, and will definitely choose you the next time they need similar services.

Let them know their opinion matters

The difficulty lies in the fact that the products can be stored in more than one location and it is not easy to oversee how much of a product is being used for particular services. However, this is a necessity rather than a luxury. It is vital to see what quantities of products are being used due to the fact that monitoring can save wastage and consequently business losses. Only by implementing an inventory system can the manager fully grasp what are the levels of wastage during the course of a month and also to be aware at all times when new supplies need to be made. It is an undesirable scenario to run out of products during a beauty session. This is why it is important to monitor inventory levels and keep a register with the products that are taken from the storage room.

Client satisfaction

The essential thing is that the salon should be inviting to the client and knowing what each person prefers can add to the general image. Besides quality services, the salon should be thoroughly organized and you should have efficient employees. Catering to the needs of the existing clientele is not enough and in order to make the business thrive it is recommendable to advertise and try to bring in new clients. This is done by arranging the shelves beautifully, but also by offering retail products. You should also train the personnel to be more polite and in addition to this keep in touch with the help of social media.

All the issues presented above are just a few of the things that a salon manger has to deal with on a daily basis. Luckily for them there special apps such as that from MyCuts that have been designed to help them keep organized at all times. But nothing can replace old-fashioned organization.

Tamren Sanderson
Marketing Director