Tips on great customer service in hair salons

Tues, 14 May.

In the service industry, excellence seems to be the only solution companies have if they want to survive. The market is more and more competitive, which is why no matter what type of business you are running, you need to make sure your clients receive the best they could ever wish for. Nowadays, customer service has become increasingly challenging, especially since marketing experts have reached the conclusion that it plays a crucial role in the success of any entity. For businesses where employees have to interact directly with their clients, such as hair salons for example, this is even more demanding and critical. However, in a marketplace dominated by performance, excellence is the ultimate solution. This means that you must not only offer highly quality services, but also make sure your customers stay engaged and support and promote your business. Here are some management, marketing and conduct tips you can implement in order to make sure you transform your clients into promoters.

1. Hire professional staff

Your people are your business’ mirror. For this reason, you need to make sure you only hire well trained staff, able to provide your customers with the best services in terms of hair dressing. Whether they are visiting you for a new haircut or they want a sophisticated coiffure, your staff should be prepared to go above and beyond to leave the clients satisfied. They have to be experienced, dedicated, professional individuals, up to date with the latest trends of the industry and able to perform flawless tasks, no matter what.

2. Pay attention to details

When they visit hair salons, customers have hundreds of options and demands. Taking into consideration that the market has exploded in the past years, there are as many choices as there are customers. That is why one of the most popular winning strategies that will help you engage clients is attention to detail. This enables you to see what others are missing and come up with something original and catchy. Small gestures such as offering a drink and designing a comfortable waiting room can transform you in people’s first choice in terms of hair dressing salons.

3. Perfect clients’ experience

Unlike other services, the ones provided by hair salons are way more personal. As a consequence, they require more attention and involvement. Most customers will visit you because they want to enhance their looks and forget about day to day routine. So try to offer them the ultimate relaxation experience. Create a peaceful environment, use quality materials, play nice music and make sure your staff is extremely polite.

4. Offer consultation

Most hair dresses are exclusively doing their jobs, without offering their customers follow up possibilities. You do not have to be one of them. Train your staff to be as useful as possible and even share some of their tips and trick with clients. This way, the services you provide have a long term effect and people are happy to come to a place where they can actually get relevant information about hair care routine.

Different ways to promote your newly released beauty salon

Tues, 19 Apr.

Owning a beauty salon comes with a series of great responsibilities, especially if it just opened. You, as the owner of that salon, have to take into account a series of factors in order to make sure your business is successful and one of the most important is the method you choose to promote the salon and thus to attract a large number of customers. Even though the salon is equipped with high quality products and great tools, a good marketing campaign can significantly boost the chances for being successful, so you can read some useful tips below regarding this matter.

Work with a promotional agency

The first step to attracting more customers to your beauty salon is to resort to the services of a professional promotional agency. No matter how much you try, you simply cannot take care of everything on your own. There are some aspects that simply go beyond your duties and that require professional help. Promotional agencies can create a strong marketing campaign and help your beauty salon gain customers in the shortest time possible. It is recommended to hire agencies that have vast experience in the domain, that can understand your needs and that do everything to reach the targeted group. It is true that working with competent people from such agencies can cost you some extra money, but it is all worth it in the end.

The power of social media and the Internet

When it comes to promoting a beauty salon, the Internet and especially social media have a great impact on the market. Besides hiring a promotional agency, you should make sure you are active on various social networks too. Nowadays people spend more hours browsing on these networks that they did a few years ago. Use these networks to promote your business and gain the trust and confidence of more potential customers. In order to make sure everyone is up to date with the latest news regarding your beauty salon, you should think of designing a website too. There, you can give people detailed information about the prices of your services and about other things that they might be interested in. Do not neglect the power of the Internet, because, believe it or not, this might seriously affect your business. Smartphones with Internet access have become some sort of an extension to the human arm and people use these devices tens of times a day, so you should take advantage of this and promote your newly released beauty salon.

An online scheduling app is a must

Promoting your beauty salon with the aid of promotional agencies or on social networks is not enough to gain customers. You have to think innovatively and find another connection between beauty and technology. The right answer in this case is to develop an online scheduling app for your beauty salon. Ask for the help of an experienced app designer that can create an app to suit your needs. This app will prove to be quite useful not only to promote your salon, but also for your personnel and your customers, because they can use it to make appointments without even having to get out of their house.