Career advice for aspiring hairdressers

Tues, 22 Dec.

Achieving proper levels of training for a future career is oftentimes not something you can acquire by following college courses, or even special courses in a specific area. Of course, many offer important knowledge and a solid ground for building a future career, but it takes something else to accomplish a high level of training. It takes mentoring and guidance from someone you are looking up to for their professional and personal skills, human relationships and other external factors. A good start for those interested in a future hairdressing career is some advices from those who already accomplished high levels of professionalism. Below are some of those pieces of advice from us, in an effort of helping others find their career path.

1. A great foundation for building a bright future

Basic hairdressing lessons help aspiring candidates to build their skill upwards. However, they must be backed up by technical and practical skills as well. Education for this purpose must not only be performed in a controlled environment such as a classroom, but also in a salon. The best advice a professional could give a rookie is find a saloon opened for apprenticeship. This way you will acquire precious information you couldn’t manage doing so in a classroom, sometimes without even putting into practice the basic lessons learned.

2. Mistakes are allowed and you are encouraged to learn from them!

Fear not if you make mistakes. This is what makes us humans and empowers us learning in an effective and constructive manner. Constructive criticism should not be avoided and we encourage you ask questions and to follow closely what others are doing without being shy about it. All professionals did it at one point or another, and this is what made them better. Moreover, all professionals are compassionate about those rookies and eager to pass the knowledge and skill. Being the mentor’s figure is something highly satisfying for us and it comes as a reward for our hard work and good pack of knowledge.

3. Invest in high quality tools and products

Maybe the greatest investment a hairdresser could make is their tools. Don’t forget that as you earn more, you continue to upgrade and acquire better tools. Having great tools helps you to perform better services and hopefully get to the point of personalizing them. High quality scissors, coloring products, they all make a great difference when it comes to the final look of the hairstyle you create. Also, try finding the same supplier for all of those, because you will be able to get consistent discounts when buying larger amounts.

4. Show consideration and flexibility to your clients

Let’s be honest, your clients can sometimes be difficult to work with. This is the main reason you must build a flexible character. The ability of giving in to their desires and needs is highly appreciated in the field. Problems are encountered when it comes to booking an appointment at a good time for both of you. In light of this, show consideration and flexibility by offering them plenty of alternatives, open communication to see what works best for them, without cramping in on your already existing appointments.

Easy steps to improve your hairdressing salon business

Tues, 20 Nov.

If you are the owner of a hairstyle salon, you probably know how difficult it could be to improve your business. Not to mention the fact that the competition is very high in this industry, due to the fact that it has proved to be a very successful business idea. But, there are, however, some steps that professionals recommend for those who are at the beginning of their career, in order to make their salon more appreciated by clients. The following from the list below are considered the most important. Therefore, they should definitely be taken into consideration.

Having a well-organized business

What does this mean more precisely? It means that the beauty salon owner should take into consideration some important aspects such as: the management of the clients, the inventory of the products, the way the appointments are done and the list may continue. And doing these things only with the help of a pen and an agenda is not highly recommended. This is the reason why investing in haircut salon software, which is able to do this for you, can be considered as the best solution. You can try MyCuts, for example, which is becoming more and more popular in places like the United States. Actually, in order to understand how things really work, this software can help you and your employees to minimize the work when it comes to making appointments. The app allows you to see the status of a client and to organize your activity better. This software also proves a real necessity in order to avoid conflicts, which may appear between your hairstyle designers and the clients. Moreover, the possibility of quickly creating an appointment is very important too. And if you want to increase the number of clients who are engaged to your website, you can create some email marketing campaigns. Believe it or not, these campaigns are still working and people still want to know about promotions.

Decorating the haircut salon in a friendly way

Believe it or not, an important aspect of this is music. It is said that music can change the atmosphere from a hectic environment to be feel like a more relaxing one. So when your clients are waiting for their service, they can sit back and relax listening to the music. And if you want, you can put some magazines our there too for an enjoyable read. Furthermore, be careful how you decorate the salon. A very common mistake, which is done by hairdressing managers, is choosing some colors which are not so appropriate when decorating the salon space.

Hiring only good professionals

Be careful! A good professional is not only that person who is able to cut clients’ hair in a perfect way, but also a person who is able to act tactful and listen to clients when they have something to say. Even if it seems hard to believe, people have the tendency to talk a lot about their life and problems when they visit a hair dressing salon, especially if they feel relaxed. So, try to advise your employees to act friendly and to smile more often.