Ten Innovative Salon Marketing Tips to Increase Your Client Base

Tues, 28 Nov.

Your Salon Deserves the ATTENTION!
The world of salon marketing has recently seen a bundle of innovative ideas that have helped salons to reach out and maintain their customer base. The following article discusses some of the tips that you can use to potentially increase your customer base:

1. Selfie Station

What’s so great about selfies? Well, no one will ever know! However, one thing is for sure that people love to take a few selfies when they get a new haircut. A selfie station is the perfect item to be placed on your premises to attract a crowd!

2. Daily Promos

We’re sure that you have a Facebook page, as its the best way to reach out to your customers. Use social media to introduce new offers and promotions on a daily basis.

3. Email Campaigns

If you have maintained a record of all your existing customers then you must also have their date of birth. Automated email campaigns can be used to wish your customers a happy birthday, and maybe even provide a discount. You never know, this act might make them a loyal customer.

4. Rewards

When a customer brings in another customer on the basis of a referral then it can be a great thing for your business. This is exactly what your business should try to achieve, i.e. rewards on the basis of referrals.

5. Mobile App

Your salon definitely deserves a mobile application. A mobile app should have an option for booking an appointment which reduces a great amount of hassle and the feature itself can be used as a selling point. Your customers will love the automated text reminders!

6. Social Media

When we talk about social media, one shouldn’t forget that using it once a month will not work. You need to take professional photos that capture the vibe of your salon in its essence. And then you can upload it across all your social media profiles at least every other day.

7. Value Added Products

To be honest, it can be hard to please an existing customer. However, the best way to maintain your client base is to offer them value added services for free. This can be a great marketing tactic, which obviously can entice your new customers too.

8. Holiday Season

As the holiday season is pretty close, don’t waste this opportunity and use the theme to focus on offering the absolute best and great deals.

9. 24/7

Believe it or not, there are plenty of salons that are open 24/7 (or very late) to cater to night owls. Hence, this is a great strategy to distinguish your salon from others and possibly grabbing up some extra revenue.

10. Traditional Marketing

Never ignore the fact that traditional marketing still works especially when we talk about salons. Try investing in banners, flyers and maybe even a commercial on your local TV channel.

These tips when implemented can really change the way your salon appeals to new and existing customers.

All about non-verbal communication in the hair salon

Tues, 31 May.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you would listen to a client and nod at regular intervals? Or turn your head and torso to face them? Chances are that you have. When interacting with clients at the hair salon, as well as with staff members, we use a blend of words, facial expressions, body language, and intonations of the voice. Your movements and postures speak volumes about you. Things, like crossing your arms or puckering your lips, send unconscious cues that provide information to the people around you. Non-verbal communication can have a positive or a negative effect. Good communication is a skill that you should have learned in beauty school, besides cutting, coloring, and styling hair. Improve your non-verbal skills and impress clients. Starting right now.

Importance of effective non-verbal communication with clients

When doing business, effective communication is of the essence. According to recent findings, the total impact of words is only 7 percent. The tone of voice and body language account for more than 90 percent of the overall message. This basically means that non-verbal communication is the most important element. Unfortunately, not many stylists or hair salon owners understand the importance of communication without the use of spoken language. It’s not therefore surprising that their business is struggling, while others are succeeding. The beauty industry makes it easy for us to get in touch with others and they pick up our wordless cues. Take a moment to understand how you and your staff members are presenting yourselves and greeting clients. Do you make a good impression?

Master non-verbal communication in the hair salon

You should tell your clients that this transformation takes a lot of time, and if they want to dye their hair in pastels, then they will have to check with you to make sure you're available for several hours for a particular day. You will have to extract their previous color, to lighten their hair, apply a new color and cut the hair. They will have to spend at least three hours in the salon chair.

Eccentric color do not last long and require high maintenance

More often than not, we don’t pay attention to the unconscious messages that we’re sending. If you’re like everyone else, then just like everyone else, you act as if you were at home. Regardless of the atmosphere in the hair salon, avoid using the same facial expressions or gestures. You’re not at home, you’re at the workplace. Non-verbal communication can affect the client experience, your relationships, and your interactions. Here are the top tips to enhance your non-verbal skills.

  1. Portray your feelings and views – Your face conveys much in terms of way of expression. An arched eyebrow says that you’re surprised. Smiling sends the message that you’re happy and pleased with the outcome. Don’t frown or make grimaces. Surprisingly, the hands are the telling most part of the body. Use your hands during conversations, especially when you’re explaining something.
  2. Learn to make eye contact – When you keep eye contact with clients, you show that you’re paying attention. Eye contact shows that you’re open and responsive to suggestions, ideas, and impressions. However, don’t make too much eye contact. Some people may view it as disrespectful.
  3. Don’t cross your arms or legs –Crossing your arms and legs may be beneficial to your comfort level, but it won’t help your business. This gesture can come off as being defensive. For some people, it’s difficult to display the correct emotions they’re feeling. So, even if you’re not sending a negative message, clients will think that you are. Pay attention to your behavior especially during consultation and appointments.