21st-Century investments that salon managers should put on their list

Tues, 16 May.

There are many beauty salons in the USA and, sometimes keeping up with the competition can become a challenge. But, if you are committed to being one of the top players in the field, you should be ready to invest in salon modernization and, most importantly, meet client expectations. Here are some upgrades that successful salon managers swear by and that can give your small business a boost:

You need a smart app for your beauty salon

We live in the era of speed and technology, don’t we? So forget about the old, outdated methods and take advantage of modern tech! Investing in a modern application which includes innovative features such as appointment scheduling, client management and inventory, can save you time and money.

Why is it such a smart investment? First of all, this app is user-friendly. You and your employees can access it from various types of devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets. But, usually, smartphones are the most convenient option. In addition to that, the application makes the whole experience of managing the salon hassle-free. For example, your hairdressers can effortlessly schedule appointments by using a familiar calendar. They can create a list of appointments and use tags such as “current”, “upcoming”, “completed”. What is more, this app helps the personnel of a salon be more organized. The hairdressers can gather information about clients and then use them for providing superior services. They are also informed when they run out of products in order to complete the stock. Isn’t that great?

Turn up the speakers!

Believe it or not, there are clients who claim that they feel nervous or tense when going to a salon. Why is that so? Hairdressers say that these bad feelings are related to a previous experience that didn’t quite turn out right. But, if you add some music, the salon will seem friendlier and your clients will relax. Also, you can impress your clientele by investing in some levitating speakers. Say goodbye to regular music players and choose an audio system which includes levitating speakers, because it adds a modern touch to your décor.

Why are they such a smart investment? Tell us, how many salons in the USA have levitating speakers? After you do a small research, you will see that the answer is “none”. Therefore, you may consider it an original approach. It is also a way of thinking outside the box and using décor as a form of branding.

Massage chairs – they never go out of fashion!

The perfect salon doesn’t just provide good hair. It also provides a perfect experience. if your clients feel at home, they are more likely to return. And what can make them feel more at home than a comfy massage chair?

Why are they such a smart investment? Going to a salon should be a pampering experience and clients love it when their service providers go the extra mile. If you have a free spot in your salon, you should consider adding a massage chair there. Clients can try it while they’re waiting, to pass the time, or simply to relax after a tough day. For example, if a client has a very long dye job, a massage would help them unwind and make the experience better.

Resources that can grow your hair salon business

Tues, 23 Jan.

If you own a startup hair salon and looking at the list of Top 100 hair salons in America makes you feel jealous and inferior, maybe you should change your perspective. These glam salons might be working for Hollywood A-listers today, but if you read an interview with any of these 100 founders you’ll see that they all were where you are now and that they had to deal with the same issues: competition, shortage of funds, or lack of experience. But the good news is that starting and managing a hair salon today is easier than in the past. Yes, competition is higher, but there are many ways to overcome it. From Government programs for start-ups to innovative online tools that raise productivity, you can take many shortcuts to avoid an entrepreneurial block.

Productivity tools

Salons do not stand a chance if their staff is not productive and client-oriented. To make a good name for yourself, you have to eliminate all the factors that keep your team from being productive. Invest in productivity tools and you will see an instant improvement in day-to-day activities. For example, MyCuts helps you with appointment scheduling, client management and inventory tracking, so that you’ll always have a clear overview of your business. Using pen and paper is no longer sufficient in today’s fast-paced business world, so you have to step up your game and boost productivity using modern methods.

Online tutorials and online courses

They say that a true professional never stops learning and this also applies for the hair salon industry. Hairdresser courses are just the foundation of your education and, to become the best you can be, you’ll have to continue to learn. After all, new haircuts and hairstyles go in and out of fashion every season, so you have to be adaptable and raise to your clientele’s standards. As the owner of the salon, you are responsible with the professional formation of your staff, so you should send them to various courses and events. If you’re on a budget and can’t do that yet, then consider online hairdressing tutorials and online courses. They are much more affordable (sometimes even free) and they help your staff stay up to date with the latest trends.

Marketing courses for the beauty industry

If paying for a marketing department is unfeasible, every entrepreneur needs marketing education and a strategy to promote their business, especially in its early stages. However, did you know that not all business fields need the same marketing strategies? The beauty industry has its specific challenges, so you should get the marketing resources that apply to it alone. Otherwise, you will be getting a lot of information that might not even apply to you.

Online communities for hairdressers and salon owners

Networking is an excellent way to put your business out there and exchange ideas with fellow hairdressers. Fortunately, in the age of the Internet, you don’t have to share the same physical location to meet and discuss. Join an online community to meet other salon owners, discuss solutions for everyday challenges and even establish business collaborations.