5 Hair Hacks That Every Brunette Should Know

Tues, 30 Apr.

When it comes to tips and hair hacks, it seems like blondes get all of the attention. Still, brunettes deserve to know tips surrounding hair maintenance. Whether your brown mane is dyed or natural, there are certain hair hacks for brunettes that make a huge difference- both to the overall health of your hair and how it looks on a day-to-day basis.

While many people who dye their hair brown are under the impression that it requires zero maintenance, this simply isn’t the case. While being a brunette does require considerably less work, it’s definitely not a no maintenance choice.

Today, MyCuts will be sharing 5 hair hacks that you need to keep your color looking fresh and your hair healthy. If you’re currently rocking brown hair, or are thinking about switching to brown in the near future, you need to know these hair hacks. Let’s get started!

1. You Can Choose Highlights

The first hair hack for brunettes that we want you to keep in mind is that while many of us think of brown hair as a single block of color, it’s often extremely multi-tonal with a series of natural highlights and lowlights. For this reason, if you’re considering going brunette, you may want to think about adding dimension and enhancing the overall effect with highlights. It’ll pay off!

2. Color-Resistant Products Are Your Friend

If you’ve dyed your hair brown, color-resistant products are your friend. You should definitely invest in color-protectant shampoos and conditioners designed for brown hair. Not only will it ensure that your color lasts longer, but it will save you both time and money. On top of that, if you ever find that your brown hair looks orangey or brassy, use purple-tinted shampoos designed for blondes to neutralize these effects a couple of times per week. You’ll be back to looking vibrant and fresh!

3. Boost Your Skin Care Routine

As a brunette, it’s actually considerably important to take care of your skin. Why? Well, young and healthy skin is gorgeous on brunettes because it creates contrast with the skin. This draws more attention to the face. Specifically, we highly recommend using a tinted moisturizer before following up with a bronzer for that “glowing” look that is especially attractive on brunettes.

4. Keep Your Skin Tone in Mind

While we’re talking about skin, let’s go a bit further and discuss the effect that skin tone has on brown hair. Skin tone is a super important factor when deciding on a particular shade of brown to choose. Your skin tone should be viewed as the overall framework for your hair, so it’s incredibly important that you make sure that your skin tone complements the shade of brown that you choose. This is the best way to choose a shade of brown that brings your overall look together.

5. Protection is Crucial

Finally, it’s a good idea to make the proper protection part of your everyday hair routine. A lot of people assume they aren’t damaging their hair as long as they aren’t bleaching it blonde. In truth, however, you can damage your hair in various other ways. From blow drying it on too hot of a setting to overusing a flat iron, your brown hair can be damaged in ways you may not initially think of. If you want your hair to continue to look vibrant and beautiful, make sure you protect it!

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