Does a vegan diet cause hair loss?

Tues, 22 May.

There has been a lot of noise regarding vegan diet and how it is beneficial for the environment. Of course, a decade ago people were totally opposed to the idea of having a strict vegan diet or not consuming animal diet, but things have started to change recently. Such is the popularity of veganism nowadays that now famous people help in popularizing the very idea. Interestingly, there is also some concern regarding veganism and how it can damage your hair because it contributes in hair loss. Hair loss, for especially the conscious one is a huge problem and why wouldn’t it be? After all, it can totally ruin our look. Here are some of the things you need to know about this discussion.

Does a vegan diet really accelerate hair loss?

Let’s get straight to the pressing question, does vegan diet really accelerate hair loss. Well, this might be very true according to some scientists but of course that’s not the entire story. The claim originally started from the fact that a vegan diet doesn’t have sufficient amounts of iron which is essential for our hair. Iron, which is a vitamin is found in all kinds of meats and is exceptionally well for a person’s health. Hence, low levels of iron in a body can be problematic and can certainly accelerate hair loss.

Obviously, a vegan diet when it doesn’t include any vegetables that contain iron in high quantities can contribute in hair loss. It's just how things work and for you to find a solution regarding this problem is to substitute the iron factor found in meat and somehow try to find it in vegetables.

How to Find a Substitute in a complete Vegan Diet?

First thing first, going vegan does have a lot of benefits. However, if you’re worried about hair loss and if it seems to bother you, then you need to focus towards a holistic vegan diet. In other words, try consuming fruits, nuts and vegetables that have a higher iron ration. Dried fruit for example has a higher iron ration than ripe fruits. On the other hand two great items for iron consumption can be beans and spinach. These are the vegetables and fruits that must be added in your diet if you’re worried about losing hair. Of course, if you’re genetically prone to hair loss than unfortunately there’s no way around to stop it.