Remedies for a dry scalp - How to get rid of it, once and for all

Tues, 24 Apr.

A dry scalp in general terms is different from dryness. It can be potentially harmful to your hair if not treated on time with certain precautions. Before going to a doctor or a hair expert we suggest to try out some home remedies which can always do wonders. Firstly, the scalp is a part of your head which comes just right on top of the skin of your skull and your hair. This is essentially the place that houses your hair follicles. Certain conditions like over-washing or cold months can lead to dry scalps. Let’s take a look at some of the remedies that can help you in treating dry scalp:

Stop with the over-washing

This is one of the simplest remedies for dry scalp, as over-washing alone can contribute to a dry scalp. Over-washing then leads towards itch on your hair and this itchy experience can be nerve racking, and frustration. The probable yet unwitting culprit behind it can be the shampoo. Lathering your head with shampoo almost every day will interfere with the ph levels of the scalp, and also may lead to a decrease in the natural oil production by your hair scalp.

Start using Coconut Oil

Dry scalp is essentially a skin problem, and coconut oil is universally known for its skin health benefits. This one can help by essentially moisturizing the scalp, and provides anti-fungal and antibacterial properties (which fights the onset of dry scalp, tremendously). It has been even known to treat atopic dermatitis, a dry skin condition, so a dry scalp will be just like a walk in the park.

Chemicals need to go

Chemical like sulphates can be harsh to your scalp or even the skin, so avoiding these is of paramount importance. Chemicals can be found in things like soaps, shampoos, water solubles like bubble bath inducers, and even foods. Avoiding these can essentially help with the effects on your scalp. Letting go of these can help decrease the effects of dryness that can be seen on your scalp.

One way to avoid these chemicals is to read labels properly. You can research what kind of chemicals like sulfate can be there. If you find any of these on the labels of a particular product, then, in any case, they shall be avoided.

Get that Aloe Vera

This stuff is so good for your scalp and hair that it is actually advertised vigorously by soap and shampoo producing companies. They do it because they want to tell you that they have this beneficial substance in their product. Well, you should believe them! Aloe Vera is truly good for your hair scalp.

It can reduce skin irritation because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It is an incredible moisturizing agent. It also has numerous other properties that can help you with getting rid of dry scalp and dry skin off your body.