Share your clients these tips if they want pastel hair

Tues, 25 Apr.

How many of your clients came to you with pictures taken from Pinterest and Instagram and asked you to dye their hair in a pastel color similar to the one from the photos? You are a specialist, and you know that pastel colors fade when you wash the hair, but your clients do not know that the pictures are taken immediately after the model has painted their hair. This year was the year of fantasy inspired hair, and the focus was in particular on unicorn pastel hair. If you check the feed of your Instagram account, you will notice that glitter and pastel colors seem to have taken over the world of hairstyle. Every day clients step into your salon and ask you to dye their hair to fit this magical-color trend. But how many of your clients know how they should care for their mystical color? You have the role to tell them that it is not as simple as they might think.

They will have to schedule multiple sessions to get the color they want

If you have clients who have colored their hair in a darker shade, or who have natural brunette hair, then you should inform them that they will have to follow a lightening process in order to obtain a pastel shade. You will have to schedule multiple recurring appointments to get their hair light enough to dye it into a unicorn shade. Even if they have virgin hair, it is a lot of work to achieve this look, so they should know from the beginning that it is not an only-session treatment. Also, you will have to check the state of the hair, because even if the client has blonde hair, but it is damaged, then you will first have to care them and restore its health before applying the pastel color on it. Advise them to lighten their hair in stages, so if they want lavender, then can start with a dark violet and slowly make it lighter.

Tell them that they will have to spend a lot of time in the salon

You should tell your clients that this transformation takes a lot of time, and if they want to dye their hair in pastels, then they will have to check with you to make sure you're available for several hours for a particular day. You will have to extract their previous color, to lighten their hair, apply a new color and cut the hair. They will have to spend at least three hours in the salon chair.

Eccentric color do not last long and require high maintenance

Pastel colors do not contain oxidative tints, and they do not permanently change the pigment of the hair. It is your role to inform the clients from the beginning, because they have to know that they will have to make an appointment every eight weeks to maintain the color. Also, they will need to learn how to care for the hair after they dye it, because this is the only way to extend the shade’s life. If they change the shade of their hair constantly they should expect it to fade faster and to spend a lot of time and money during the process.